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Andreas G. Stütz | IDEASCANNER Expert

Andreas G. Stütz | IDEASCANNER Expert

Andreas G. Stütz has been an IT and media entrepreneur, pilot and inventor with several patents for over 20 years. During his studies at the University of Passau, he developed the first concept of a group-wide information marketplace for the CEO of Daimler. After holding positions at Mercedes-Benz Japan in Tokyo and Dresdner Bank Securities in New York City (USA), he successfully founded several IT companies. Andreas and his companies have received prestigious awards, such as the StartUp Award by stern, Sparkassen and McKinsey, which was presented to him by Angela Merkel.

Together with his wife Mel, he was co-pilot and author of Weltflug – The Gyroplane Dream, the first world trip in a “flying car”. He used the publicity with the book and the film to raise money for the education of disadvantaged children. As a business angel, Andreas is part of the “MunichAngels” investor group. Since 2019, he has been a mentor for evaluating business ideas at the world’s largest early-stage startup accelerator, the Founder Institute.

In recent years, his research into what has a lasting impact on the value of companies has led to the “Periodic Table of Business Strategy”. With IDEASCANNER Expert, he and his team of experts put current business models to the test and show how company value can be increased.

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