Think smarter than

venture capitalists



  • Analyze business ideas within minutes, e.g. at entre-/intrapreneurship or leadership programs
  • Identify potentially successful business ideas and startups with over 40 mission critical attributes
  • Get an overall score & a detailed report on how business ideas can be improved to be more successful
Don't Let Your Business Be A Dead Startup Walking (Forbes, 01/07/2015). With IDEASCANNER you get an analysis of your business model within minutes to prevent joining the 'Walking Dead' of entrepreneurship.

The experience gained over the past 10 years from start-ups worldwide was analysed for typical success characteristics using primary and secondary sources. IDEASCANNER has been tested and approved by successful venture capital investors.

IDEASCANNER allows systematic tests of business ideas with a set of attributes that are critical to success. IDEASCANNER helps educate in entrepreneurial thinking, e.g. with the IDEASCANNER Workshop.

IDEASCANNER is ideal for the ideation phase in combination with design thinking and the lean startup method, for innovation accounting, throughout the agile development phase, startup contests, HR learning campus, intrapreneurship and leadership programs.


Start With A Workshop

Get your quick start intro to the IDEASCANNER. Learn to think like successful Silicon Valley investors and startup entrepreneurs. Increase the success rate of your business ideas or startups. Analyze and optimize your business ideas based on proven IDEASCANNER attributes. Develop better ideas. Avoid expensive failures.

This workshop helps to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of employees and empowers them to think smarter than VCs.
The IDEASCANNER Workshop is the first to combine great fun, measurable results and knowledge to go.

Boost Your Business Ideas

The IDEASCANNER Workshop is the training of the mutual evaluation of business ideas in small groups with 3 participants each according to the Bridgewater triangulation method. This way, the achieved IDEASCANNER scores prevent a one-sided subjective evaluation. This leads to a structured, productive discussion of the business models of the participants based on the IDEASCANNER attributes.

Customer feedback on IDEASCANNER:
'eye opener', 'very valuable', 'helps massively', 'robust, very fast to results and yet profound', 'solid basis for discussion', 'makes ideas comparable, creates a standard', 'much more effective than anything else'


In the IDEASCANNER Expert analysis, the IDEASCANNER is used to evaluate startups according to the Bridgewater triangulation method. Two experts discuss investments in front of an investment manager in the context of a “thoughtful disagreement”. As with Bridgewater, independent IDEASCANNER valuations are carried out by two experts in the IDEASCANNER Expert analysis, which are then conducted in the triangulation phase to the highest degree of realism and statement quality.



The IDEASCANNER algorithm compares new business ideas with a database of already analyzed business ideas based on attributes that are critical to success.



How many attributes does the business idea contain in relation to the maximum: red, the company value will not multiply in the short term, and green, the business idea is a high potential.



How does the business idea perform in individually influenceable attributes? Weak business ideas can be turned into strong ones.



IDEASCANNER Expert shows a visualized overview of the 4 categories: company, product, business model and market.



The IDEASCANNER Expert generates a detailed PDF report on the success criteria of a business idea in the following two dimensions: qualitative and quantitative analysis.


The IDEASCANNER Expert enables better investment decisions with a clear focus on the most promising ideas. IDEASCANNER documents investment decisions based on standardized criteria.


Andreas G. Stütz

Andreas G. Stütz

The Co-Founder and CEO of IDEASCANNER, Andreas G. Stütz, has been an IT and media entrepreneur, pilot and inventor with several patents for over 20 years. While studying Business Administration at the University of Passau with a focus on Business Informatics, he developed as part of his diploma thesis (grade 1.0) the first concept of a group-wide information marketplace, the later intranet, for the Daimler Board of Management.

After working for Mercedes-Benz Japan in Tokyo and the Dresdner Bank Securities in New York City, he became Project Manager Cyberlab with the publishing house Burda in Munich. He soon started his first company and helped to sell it to the TV manufacturer Loewe. He then became Co-Founder and CMO of friendlyway, a company for digital self-service systems in Europe and the U.S. and developed it into the market leader in its segment. Andreas won various prestigious awards with his companies. For example, he received the Startup Award from McKinsey, the German savings banks and the magazine Stern presented by Angela Merkel.

Since the collapse of the New Economy, he has been intensively concerned with the question of which factors influence the success of startups. The answer to this question is the IDEASCANNER.

Melanie Stütz

Melanie Stütz

The Co-Founder and CEO of IDEASCANNER, Melanie Stütz, comes from an entrepreneurial family, is a data scientist and a certified pilot. In 2019 she was awarded as one of the Top 80 Minds of the Munich Digital & Creative Scene.

Even before studying Business Management at the LMU Munich with a focus on Information Systems and New Media, she gained initial experience in an IT startup. This was followed by positions at Microsoft in Unterschleißheim, Unisys in Madrid, Siemens in Regensburg, and Moreason in Beijing. As an intrapreneur at VISPIRON in Munich, she built up a team of 50 internal and external consultants and engineers in the IT and automotive industry.

In 2009/2010 she and her husband, Andreas G. Stütz, realized the international media project in coproduction with ARD. In 18 months they flew across five continents in a so called flying car. By marketing this adventure, they supported the education of children in cooperation with the children’s aid terre des hommes.

During this time, they also met with successful entrepreneurs worldwide. Together Mel and Andreas developed the idea of testing business ideas using algorithms. A comprehensive database of business ideas was created for this – the basis for the IDEASCANNER.


Buy into a business that’s doing so well an idiot could run it, because sooner or later, one will.

Warren Buffett | Berkshire Hathaway

If you want to teach people a new way of thinking […] give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking.

R. Buckminster Fuller, Designer, inventor, futurist

Forget about your competitors, just focus on your customers.

Jack Ma | Alibaba Group



Software as a service (SaaS) for the evaluation of business ideas or startups incl. attribute updates

monthly (billed annually)

  • 50+ business ideas or startups per month per client can be scanned with the IDEASCANNER SaaS
  • Personal access
  • Individual performance score & feedback with further links
  • Attribute performance


Workshop for the analysis of business ideas as a quick start to the IDEASCANNER implementation

one time payment

  • Up to 9-15 business ideas can be scanned
  • Up to 9-15 business ideas can be improved based on the IDEASCANNER Triangulation and Value Booster Session
  • Up to 9-15 IDEASCANNER licenses for the participants of the IDEASCANNER Workshop included
  • Up to 9-15 participants per IDEASCANNER Workshop day


Expert as a service (EaaS) for business ideas or startups with the IDEASCANNER 11 knowledge base

one time payment

  • 1 business idea or startup per analysis
  • PDF report
  • Individual performance score & feedback
  • Attribute performance
  • Visualized category performance
  • Optional for 10+ analysis: top list selection for prioritization of ideas or startups
  • Optional: rating certificate, valid for 12 months

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