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As innovation leader, IDEASCANNER leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to increase company value and makes business ideas & company positioning measurable for the first time. IDEASCANNER is currently the largest privately funded European research project on success factors of companies and in the result according to customers: very valuable, an eye opener & much more effective than anything else.

IDEASCANNER Expert & Strategy For SME Entrepreneurs

Are you planning to sell your company, but the currently achievable sales price does not meet your expectations?

Do you want to create new perspectives for your company succession and secure the continued existence of your company?

Would you like to increase the profitability and thus the value of your company?

IDEASCANNER shows how revenue and profit can be multiplied in the next five years. For this, IDEASCANNER provides a detailed action plan for successful transformation & sustainable innovation with new products, services and business models.

The IDEASCANNER Expert report:

1. is the result of analyzing your company or business idea against identified success factors,

2. provides possible unique selling points through innovation that can keep the competition at bay,

3. shows the sales & earnings potential and thus the value enhancement potential of your company.

Periodic table of business strategy

The IDEASCANNER Expert report is the basis for implementing the recommended measures in the subsequent IDEASCANNER Strategy phase. Take advantage of our Free Pre-SCAN and simply contact us:

1. Send us the URL of your company website

2. Within 24 hours we will run a pre-scan

3. After that we arrange a free online initial consultation

“If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don’t bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking.“

R. Buckminster Fuller, Architect & Futurist


With IDEASCANNER Software as a Service (SaaS), we provide founders a digital tool for analyzing and improving business ideas by themselves at their fingertips. With this, we create access to the knowledge of successful venture capitalists, so that founders get answers to:


What is the status quo of the business idea?


What is the potential for improvement?


How can the business idea be improved?

IDEASCANNER is used in accelerator & incubator programs as well as in transfer & start-up centers at and outside universities. Do you want to learn more about this proven method and how it fosters entrepreneurial thinking in corporate innovation & entrepreneurship education? Contact us for a Free Online Demo here!

“IDEASCANNER is an eye opener & much more effective than anything else, a Business Model Canvas doesn’t tell you how to improve your idea.

“You've managed to break down a complex topic into meaningful attributes and give them at your fingertips in an easy, understandable tool.

I love the tool and the workshop was very informative.”

“What a "Wow-effect" when the gut-feeling is challenged by the non-emotional objectivity of the scanner result.

“Many companies are prisoners of their world of thought. IDEASCANNER helps them out of it.



Our experts SCAN your company, startup or business idea with IDEASCANNER

  • INPUT: pitch deck, business plan or business model canvas
  • SERVICE: audit call, AI data analysis and expert triangulation
  • DURATION: ca. 5-10 working days
  • OUTPUT: IDEASCANNER Expert report incl. scores and individual feedback
  • BENEFIT: data-based status quo evaluation with suggestions for improvements


Together with you we develop perspectives on how to increase the value of your company

  • INPUT: success-critical attributes based on the Expert report
  • SERVICE: identifying and validating new opportunities
  • DURATION: 12+ months
  • OUTPUT: IDEASCANNER Strategy pitch of new business opportunities
  • BENEFIT: increase of your company value with clear evidence for business potential


Crash Course to learn how to think smarter & make decisions like successful venture capitalists (VCs)

  • INPUT: (own / sample) business ideas / models to SCAN
  • SERVICE: online training with live assessment incl. SaaS
  • DURATION: 2 workshop days
  • OUTPUT: IDEASCANNER Certificate incl. SCALE sheets with improved scores, success factors
  • BENEFIT: knowledge transfer through joint idea assessment & improvement


Software as a service for peer-to-peer scans in corporate innovation & entrepreneurship education

  • INPUT: your thoughts on the business ideas or business models
  • SERVICE: self-assessment / triangulation with SaaS license
  • DURATION: 12+ months
  • OUTPUT: on average 10x faster idea evaluation incl. SCORE increase +20%
  • BENEFIT: evaluate, improve, prioritize business ideas & learn entrepreneurial thinking

Customer Feedback on IDEASCANNER

IDEASCANNER is a must have in consulting for startups – in all phases from idea to growth. I am thrilled with the way the tool is easy to use, but deeply maps the many different aspects of a company’s development, stimulates discussion and even encourages team building. It’s a lot of fun to think outside the box and, most importantly, it encourages you to identify innovations.

(Finance-FEM-Lab | jumpp & JPMorgan Chase Foundation)

robust, very fast to results and yet profound, helps massively, makes ideas comparable, creates a standard


The questions that are asked by IDEASCANNER bring more to think about for both someone starting a business and for someone already running the business on how to scan, score and scale.

(Univeristy of Rwanda)

a lot of insider knowledge, based on scientific insights


very helpful tool that makes startup consulting a lot easier

(DENKFABRIK Hochschulen & Entrepreneurship)

very exciting tool to discuss, develop and improve an idea

University of Koblenz

Case Studies

Family business

The family business has been carried on from one generation to the next for decades. However, the current business model threatens the family tradition. The only competitive advantage can no longer be maintained. In addition, the next generation saw no perspective to take over the company. Through IDEASCANNER...


Today, an automotive supplier from Southern Germany generates approx. 80% of its turnover with the propulsion of vehicles by combustion engines. The advent of electromobility endangers the company’s core business. The supplier is therefore making efforts to establish a new line of business over the next five years...


Over 70% of all startups still fail within the first 20 months of their existence despite receiving an average of USD 1.3 million in funding and despite already generating revenue. The Lean Startup movement could not bridge this gap. The sale of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is no prove that there is a good business...


A multinational conglomerate is active in very different industries due to its broad positioning. Ideas for new business potential are collected within the group using a uniform open innovation platform. Employees can submit suggestions via the system. These are evaluated in a multistage process...


A manufacturer of premium vehicles is currently being challenged by developments in the fields of electric mobility, autonomous driving and car sharing. The know-how in combustion technology, which has guaranteed a certain unique selling proposition for decades, is quickly losing its significance...


Andreas G. Stütz | IDEASCANNER Expert
Melanie Stütz | IDEASCANNER SaaS
Andreas G. Stütz | IDEASCANNER Expert

Andreas G. Stütz | IDEASCANNER Expert


Andreas G. Stütz is an IT and media entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience and several patents. He studied at the University of Passau and developed the first concept for a group-wide information marketplace for CEO of Daimler.

He has held positions at Mercedes-Benz in Tokyo and Dresdner Bank in New York City, and founded several successful IT companies. He received the StartUp Award presented by Angela Merkel. With his wife, he co-piloted the first world trip in a “flying car” and used the publicity with WELTFLUG book and movie to raise money for child education.

He is a part of the MunichAngels investor network and mentor at the Founder Institute. He has developed the “Periodic Table of Business Strategy” and uses IDEASCANNER Expert to increase company value.

Melanie Stütz | IDEASCANNER SaaS

Melanie Stütz | IDEASCANNER SaaS


Melanie Stütz is the CEO of IDEASCANNER SaaS, a Software as a Service that quickly measures business ideas for the first time. She has a background in business and data science and is an entrepreneur, digital advisor, and pilot.

She and her husband were the first couple to fly a “flying car” across five continents for a charity promoting child education as part of the co-production with ARD. She has worked at various companies including Microsoft, Siemens, and an advertising agency in Beijing.

Since 2020, she has been evaluating business ideas as a jury member and partner for various organizations including the European Commission and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She was awarded as one of the Top 50 Thought Leaders by Global AI Hub in 2022.


The entrepreneurial couple Melanie and Andreas G. Stütz and their story are well known from the media, such as:



Fostering Innovation IDEASCANNER Potential



Opinion Leader Digital Transformation





Founder Institute Idea Bootcamp






Discover the latest updates about business model optimization, business model development and business model innovation on the IDEASCANNER blog! Visit us again here, register for the newsletter or just follow us on LinkedIn.

IDEASCANNER is part of the European Innovation Area (EIA) Manifesto of the Knowledge4Innovation (K4I) Forum. We were therefore invited to the New Year’s reception at the European Parliament. Commissioner Mariya Gabriel thanked the K4I Forum for supporting the New Eu...
Financing is still one of the biggest challenges in the development of women’s businesses. Therefore, creating access to investors is a high priority. With the two-year pilot project Finance-FEM-Lab (2023-2024), jumpp wants to pave the way to capital for you as a fe...
Two companies founded in 1996! The first makes EUR 5 million revenue today the second EUR 1.6 billion! What is the second company’s strategy for this amazing success? Learn more in our webinar on Tuesday, 29 November 2 – 3 pm CET. EurA AG and IDEASCANNER will ...




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