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"A staggering 70% of digital transformations fail." (Forbes 09/2019)

With IDEASCANNER we make business ideas and company positionings quickly measurable to boost digital transformation and real innovation. We use AI to help increase the company value of startups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and corporations.

The mobile rapid test for business ideas and business positionings IDEASCANNER allows the evaluation of already existing business ideas & startups as well as the training of executives to create a mindset for digital transformation.

With the IDEASCANNER Miner we capture user-generated content from social media and analyze it with artificial intelligence for everyday problems of many people. This has proven to be a catalyst for innovation.

With proven methods such as IDEASCANNER, TRIZ, Science Fiction, Design Sprint and Lean Startup, we support our customers in the generation, validation, implementation of new business ideas to boost the company value.



  1. Increase the value of your company
  2. Learn to think smarter than venture capitalists (VCs)
  3. Analyze business ideas within minutes, e.g. at entre-/intrapreneurship or leadership programs
  4. Identify potentially successful business ideas and startups with over 40 mission critical attributes
  5. Get an overall score & a detailed report on how business ideas can be improved to be more successful

Don't Let Your Business Be A Walking Dead (Forbes, 01/07/2015). With IDEASCANNER you get an analysis of your business model within minutes to prevent joining the 'Walking Dead' of entrepreneurship.

The experience gained over the past 10 years from startups worldwide was analysed for typical success characteristics using primary and secondary sources. IDEASCANNER has been tested and approved by successful venture capital investors.

IDEASCANNER allows systematic tests of business ideas with a set of attributes that are critical to success. IDEASCANNER helps educate in entrepreneurial thinking, e.g. with the IDEASCANNER Workshop.

IDEASCANNER is ideal for the ideation phase in combination with design thinking and the lean startup method, for innovation accounting, throughout the agile development phase, startup contests, HR learning campus, intrapreneurship and leadership programs.


Start With A Workshop

Get your quick start intro to the IDEASCANNER. Learn to think like successful Silicon Valley investors and startup entrepreneurs. Increase the success rate of your business ideas or startups. Analyze and optimize your business ideas based on proven IDEASCANNER attributes. Develop better ideas. Avoid expensive failures.

This workshop helps to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of employees and empowers them to think smarter than VCs.
The IDEASCANNER Workshop is the first to combine great fun, measurable results and knowledge to go.

Boost Your Business Ideas

The IDEASCANNER Workshop is the training of the mutual evaluation of business ideas in small groups with 3 participants each according to the Bridgewater triangulation method. This way, the achieved IDEASCANNER scores prevent a one-sided subjective evaluation. This leads to a structured, productive discussion of the business models of the participants based on the IDEASCANNER attributes.

Customer feedback on IDEASCANNER:
'eye opener', 'very valuable', 'helps massively', 'robust, very fast to results and yet profound', 'solid basis for discussion', 'makes ideas comparable, creates a standard', 'much more effective than anything else'


In the IDEASCANNER Expert analysis, the IDEASCANNER is used to evaluate startups according to the Bridgewater triangulation method. Two experts discuss investments in front of an investment manager in the context of a “thoughtful disagreement”. As with Bridgewater, independent IDEASCANNER valuations are carried out by two experts in the IDEASCANNER Expert analysis, which are then conducted in the triangulation phase to the highest degree of realism and statement quality.



The IDEASCANNER algorithm compares new business ideas with a database of already analyzed business ideas based on attributes that are critical to success.



How many attributes does the business idea contain in relation to the maximum: red, the company value will not multiply in the short term, and green, the business idea is a high potential.



How does the business idea perform in individually influenceable attributes? Weak business ideas can be turned into strong ones.



IDEASCANNER Expert shows a visualized overview of the 4 categories: company, product, business model and market.



The IDEASCANNER Expert generates a detailed PDF report on the success criteria of a business idea in the following two dimensions: qualitative and quantitative analysis.


The IDEASCANNER Expert enables better investment decisions with a clear focus on the most promising ideas. IDEASCANNER documents investment decisions based on standardized criteria.


Identification of every day problems
IDEASCANNER Miner captures search queries and "weak signals" from posts in user forums and uses AI to analyze them for daily problems. These weak signals are then extrapolated according to the size of the target group and summarized in word clouds. The evaluation of snippets, as is usual in user forums, represents an innovation level at the limit of today's NLP evaluations.

In order to obtain meaningful data, we recommend an AI analysis period of approx. 3 months. During this time, the analysis can also be realigned or deepened up to two times in the sense of "spotlighting".
Techniques used are, among others: Full text index with clustering, phrase extraction, semantification by DBPedia if necessary, Word2Vec embeddings and prediction.

Customer feedback on IDEASCANNER

eye opener, much more effective than anything else

robust, very fast to results and yet profound

very valuable, solid basis for discussion

helps massively, makes ideas comparable, creates a standard

Case Studies

Automotive Supplier

Today, an automotive supplier from Southern Germany generates approx. 80% of its turnover with the propulsion of vehicles by combustion engines. The advent of electromobility endangers the company's core business. The supplier is therefore making efforts to establish a new line of business over the next five years. ...

Car Manufacturer

A manufacturer of premium vehicles is currently being challenged by developments in the fields of electric mobility, autonomous driving and car sharing. The know-how in combustion technology, which has guaranteed a certain unique selling proposition for decades, is quickly losing its significance. ...

Education Provider

Over 70% of all startups still fail within the first 20 months of their existence despite receiving an average of $1.3 million in funding and despite already generating revenue. The Lean Startup movement could not bridge this gap. The sale of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is no prove that there is a good business. ...


A multinational conglomerate is active in very different industries due to its broad positioning. Ideas for new business potential are collected within the group using a uniform open innovation platform. Employees can submit suggestions via the system. These are evaluated in a multi stage process. ...



Software as a service (SaaS) for the evaluation of business ideas or startups incl. attribute updates

excl. VAT, monthly (billed annually)

  • Up to 50 business ideas or startups per month per client can be scanned with the IDEASCANNER SaaS
  • Personal access
  • Individual performance score & feedback with further links
  • Attribute performance


Workshop for the analysis of business ideas as a quick start to the IDEASCANNER implementation

excl. VAT, starting-price

  • Up to 6 business ideas can be scanned
  • Up to 6 business ideas can be improved based on the IDEASCANNER Triangulation and Value Booster Session
  • Up to 6 IDEASCANNER licenses for the participants of the IDEASCANNER Workshop included
  • Up to 6 participants per IDEASCANNER Workshop
  • Performed by 2 experts
  • Optional: more participants / ideas


Expert as a service (EaaS) for business ideas or startups with the IDEASCANNER knowledge base

excl. VAT, one time payment

  • 1 business idea or startup per analysis
  • PDF report
  • Individual performance score & feedback
  • Attribute performance
  • Visualized category performance
  • Optional for 10+ analysis: top list selection for prioritization of ideas or startups
  • Optional: rating certificate, valid for 12 months


Analyzis of user-generated content with artificial intelligence for everyday problems of many people

excl. VAT, one time payment

  • Crawling of a target forum
  • Parsing of threads
  • Scraping of the relevant data
  • Noise reduction
  • Weak signal analysis
  • Extrapolation of the relevant weak signals
  • Word cloud presentation
  • Adaption of spotlighting


Andreas G. Stütz

Andreas G. Stütz

The co-founder and CEO of IDEASCANNER, Andreas G. Stütz, has been an IT and media entrepreneur, pilot and inventor with several patents for over 20 years. During his studies of Business Administration with a focus on Business Informatics at the University of Passau, he developed the first concept of a group-wide information marketplace, later to become the Intranet, for the Daimler Board of Management. After working for Mercedes-Benz Japan in Tokyo and Dresdner Bank Securities in New York City, he successfully founded several IT companies. Andreas and his companies have won various prestigious awards. For example, he received the Startup Award from McKinsey, the German savings banks and Stern magazine, which was presented by Angela Merkel.

To realize a childhood dream, he and his wife Mel flew across five continents in 18 months in a gyrocopter. In a co-production with the ARD, they documented the journey of their lives, called Weltflug, in book and film. With a part of the proceeds they supported the children’s aid organisation terre des hommes in the education of deprivileged children.

In recent years, he has worked intensively on the question of which factors influence the value of companies. The answer to this question is the IDEASCANNER – the quick test for business ideas and business positionings.


Melanie Stütz

Melanie Stütz

Melanie Stütz grew up in an entrepreneurial family and has a background in business management and data science. Together with her partner, Andreas G. Stütz, she was the pilot of the first world trip in a “flying car” across 5 continents. With this international media project,, they supported the education of children in cooperation with the children’s aid organization terre des hommes.

Before becoming CEO of IDEASCANNER, she worked at the German headquarters of Microsoft, followed by positions at Unisys in Madrid, Siemens in Regensburg and a Chinese advertising agency in Beijing. After working for a company builder in Munich, she founded cross-frontier GmbH together with her partner to solve everyday problems through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In 2019 Mel was honored as one of the “Top 80 Minds of Munich’s Digital and Creative Scene”.

With IDEASCANNER she currently helps companies in the digital transformation & innovation process to make business ideas measurable within minutes for the first time. IDEASCANNER helps, e.g., to transform product ideas into service ideas and to increase the business value of innovation-driven small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) & large corporations.

Media Coverage

IDEASCANNER is recommended in the book 'Future Business Kompass'
In his new book 'Future Business Kompass', Stephan Grabmeier recommends IDEASCANNER for the smart evaluation of business models to start the Sustainable Business Transformation:
'In my work, I evaluate many ideas from start-ups or new business models, for example in setting up innovation labs, in intrapreneur programs, in direct investments in young companies or when we evaluate students with our Next Entrepreneurs programs.
[...] Ideas and business models must be evaluated in a structured way. For me and my clients, the Ideascanner is an objective quick test for evaluation. [...]'




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