#InnovativeFrauen is a platform funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) that makes outstanding women in science, business and society visible.

Examples, include Prof. Dr. Antje Boetius, who does pioneering work in polar and marine research, or Dr. Julia Freudenberg, who gives GIRLS access to programming with the Hacker School. We are fans of both.

With IDEASCANNER – The AI Assistance for Idea Evaluation & Business Value Enhancement, our CEO of IDEASCANNER, Melanie Stütz, is ensuring even more innovative women and is now also one of them.

The platform shows what drives these women, how they shape the future and find solutions to pressing problems. The aim is to make women a matter of course in all professional fields and at all career levels, while encouraging them to pursue their ideas, research projects and visions.

Many women often struggle with self-doubt when it comes to implementing their innovative ideas. IDEASCANNER offers a digital tool and a proven structured approach that empowers women to scale equally social and sustainable innovation ideas. Contact us here for a free pre-scan or online demo of IDEASCANNER.

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