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CB Insights: Successful Business Model Trends

“What will Covid-19’s legacy be? From healthcare to education to entertainment to manufacturing, technology innovators are stepping forward to help answer that question”, so the latest research “25 Industries & Tech Shaping The Post-Covid World” by CB Insights.

Leading analysts predict a $350B market valuation for the ed tech industry by 2025 even prior to the pandemic. More and more digital tools are also being used in education. IDEASCANNER benefits from this. For example, our digital tool is part of the certification program for startup advisors at colleges and universities at the Entrepreneurship Think Tank. Entrepreneurship professors also use IDEASCANNER in lectures to quickly evaluate business ideas and show how the current business model can be improved in a peer-to-peer approach.

But what are the implications of these 25 industry & technology trends for the next generation of family businesses? How do they need to position themselves to be future ready? Let our IDEASCANNER experts put your current business model to the test and contact us!

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